RUGS stakeholder workshop 2- Modelling scenarios for food system shocks

The second of three RUGS workshops took place on the 26th June 2018.  The opening session involved discussions about the characteristics of a healthy functioning UK food systems, along with the possible metrics that could be used to assess this.  Members of the RUGS team then presented an overview of the previous workshop which took place in July 2017, focusing in particular the scenarios work, before moving on to look at how we have started to incorporate key themes into the project model. 

Two modelled scenarios were shared, one showing potential outcomes that might be associated with a shift towards protectionism, and the other the outcomes of a shift towards a more vegan diet.  The second half of the day focused on exploring the modelled outputs, discussing interesting and surprising results and identifying important outcomes that may not have been captured thus far. 

The final task focused on thinking about what lessons we have learnt through the process that might be communicated to policy makers and those in decision-making roles.

A highly productive 2nd workshop providing much food for thought! Many thanks to all who participated!